The CA-65 is a low wing monoplane with retractable landing gear and dual controls. The high degree of efficiency of this airplane gives very economic performance at all speeds. To achieve this, special attention was given to obtain low drag over the entire airplane. The streamlined canopy, completely enclosed engine, tapered wing, and fully retracted landing gear are the main contributing factors. A simple, landing flap, located under the fuselage makes landing runs shorter. The flap is actuated by a lever located between the side by side seats. The CA-65 is equipped with full electrical system including an electrical starter, adding more comfort and safety. The main and auxiliary gas tanks with a total capacity of 28 gallons allow flights with a range in excess of 500 miles. The retractable landing gear was designed especially for this airplane. A minimum of machining and considerable use of standard parts makes manufacturing of the retractable landing gear a very simple task. Standard bronze bushings were used for the main landing gear cylinder and also for the retracting mechanism. To ease the load of the landing gear ordinary garage door springs are used to assist during the retracting cycle. The retracting lever is a standard 3/8 ratchet which is located between the pilot seats. Wood construction allows very efficient design, cutting requirements for tooling and special jigs to a minimum. Most of the wing ribs, as well as all the ribs in the stabilizer and vertical fin, are simply cut out of 3/8 inch thick mahogany plywood. This kind of construction greatly simplifies and shortens the time required to build this airplane. A Lycoming engine 108-150 HP gives to this airplane enough power for fast takeoff, good climb and speeds of over 190 MPH; stalling speed is only 55 MPH. To simplify manufacturing and minimize the number of metal parts, a one piece wing was designed with seats, main controls and landing gear including retracting mechanism as an integral part of the wing.

  Dual controls are provided for copilot. Hydraulic brakes are provided only for the left side. Wide tread and a steerable tail wheel provide stability at taxiing. A low drag canopy provides very good visibility in all directions. The canopy opens forward to allow easy exit and entrance to the cockpit. Locking is provided with two latches at the sides of the canopy. The entire airplane is covered with plywood, birch or mahogany 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick. Only the ailerons, elevator and rudder are fabric covered. Optionally, a folding wing version has been designed which enables the airplane to be easily towed or installed on a trailer for long trips. It also requires much less hangar space. The folding wing is manufactured in three pieces. Unique aileron control design allows the wing to be folded or removed without need of additional rigging. A further variation of the CA-65 is an all metal version specially designed for the home builder. It has the same configuration and aerodynamic properties as the all wood version. However, the folding wing arrangement is not available for metal version. CA-65 is designed for stresses encountering during basic acrobatic flights. Ultimate design "G" loading is +9 and -6g's. The CA-65 retractable landing gear has been successfully used on few other light airplanes, such as Miniclub, Emeraude and the single seat CA-61. It is of interest to note that the total weight of this retractable landing gear was in some cases considerably lighter than the weight of the fixed gear it replaced. Latest version of the CA-65 is CA-65B and CA-65W. Both have a new fuselage (max. width 42.9 inches) and a new canopy. CA-65B uses a ROTAX 9125 engine (100.00 HP) and CA-65W uses the same engine as the original CA-65 (Lycoming 108-150 HP).